4 Ways How to Find Your Talent

Everyone has a talent – the unique gift that makes you, you. Unfortunately, too many of us get stuck on finding that unique gift. Some people never find their talent because they believe they don’t have one or they haven’t even tried to find it. What we forget is that talent is a natural capacity that we have and that EVERYONE has it. When you identify your talents, you can make a living doing something you are passionate about, something you are good at. How do people find their unique gift and discover their true passions? Does this happen accidentally, by chance? Here are 4 ways how to find your talent if you are willing to make an effort.

1. Go back to your childhood

Revisit your childhood and remember what you imagined when you was playing by yourself as a kid? Close our eyes, relax and think back as far as possible, to the times you were under the age of 6-7, when you weren’t influenced by fears and environment. How you was playing, what did you do, how you was spending your days? What was the most fun and what experiences created the biggest memories? You may find your path if you reinterpret these memories from your childhood and fit them to your adult world.

find your true talent

2. Ask people around you

One way how to find your talent is to ask others. Perhaps people around you are telling you what you are good at but you are not listening. Start paying attention! Ask your family, friends, peers or other trusted persons what they think your unique gift is. They can evaluate you in the ways you cannot evaluate yourself because usually we see ourselves differently than others see us. Ask them about what makes you different, what are your strengths, what they value and love most about you. The biggest challenge with talents is that people usually are used to them and take them for granted. You should ask as many people as possible and compile the results to discover your true talent or at least to get some clues.

3. Discover what you enjoy most and what you spend your money on

Sometimes our hidden talents are not so hidden. They may be showing themselves in different ways. Your passions are linked to what you spend your money and time on.  Simply think about what you love to do and ask yourself these questions: are there topics that you just can’t get enough of? What you spend your money on? Are there books, web pages, movies or TV shows you love? Are there any activities that you find so interesting that you easily lose track of time? These moments of spent time and money will guide you towards your destination and help you to find your unique gift. Don’t rush, take your time to truly discover yourself.

find your true talent

4. Take personality tests to find your strengths

I know you might feel skeptical about personality tests. However, some of the tests can help you to understand yourself better, to find your top strengths and your dominant patterns. You may want to try Briggs Myers’ 16 personality types test, if you haven’t tried yet. The test will give you a pretty accurate description of your strengths and weaknesses. You will get an in-depth information about your top careers, relationships, core motivation. This test was created by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs on the basis of the theories of psychologist Carl Jung and it is widely used in the areas of pedagogy, career counseling professional and personal development, life coaching and even marriage counseling.

Test alone will not help you. Use the test result along with self-analysis and insights of the people around you. The combination of the steps above should help you to find your unique gift.