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Inspiring Coffee Pictures for a Coffee Day and Your Coffee Break

Inspiring Coffee Pictures for a Coffee Day and Your Coffee Break

I can’t imagine my mornings without a cup of delicious coffee. I’m sure that morning coffee is a part of the routine for millions of people across the world. Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage not without a reason and not only because it is tasty. Coffee has plenty of health benefits: it helps to burn fat and improve physical performance, to increase energy levels, it protects your liver and even helps to fight depression. Today, September 29 is annually celebrated as International Coffee Day in many countries. Let’s celebrate this day with a cup of coffee! We have picked the most inspiring coffee pictures to share with you. Get inspired and enjoy your coffee break today like never before.

coffee day happy coffee day coffee day cup of coffee coffee picture coffee day coffee day happy coffee day coffee photo - back and white delicious coffee picture national coffee day coffee day coffee break preparing coffee coffee from Guatemala preparing coffee coffee beans


Less is More: Stunning Minimalist Photos You’ve Got to See

Less is More: Stunning Minimalist Photos You’ve Got to See

Less is always more! Most of stylists, photographers, designers and artists use minimalistic approach in their works. You can start applying it too – you will never go wrong with ‘less is more’ rule, when building your style, choosing interior elements or creating art. We have collected the most stunning minimalist photos for your inspiration:

minimalist photography - less is more

flower - photography - less is more

less is more - photography

play with shadows - less is moreminimalist photogrpahy

less is more - red

CC Image courtesy of Thomas Leth-Olsen on Flickr
minimalist artCC Image courtesy of Jan Maklak Thank you for 25000 views on Flickr

less is more- black and white photography

CC Image courtesy of digitalpimp on Flickr

less is more - table and chairs

CC Image courtesy of sylvaf on Flickr

less is more art

CC Image courtesy of Nebojsa Mladjenovic on Flickr

less is more - walk

CC Image courtesy of armadano on Flickr

less is more - bottle photo

CC Image courtesy of swe_actor on Flickr

minimalist photography

CC Image courtesy of swe_actor on Flickr

less is more - minimalist photo

CC Image courtesy of Citizen 4474 on Flickr

minimalist photography - green

CC Image courtesy of ahockley on Flickr

less is more - flower

CC Image courtesy of Black_Claw on Flickr

minimalist photo

CC Image courtesy of Muffet on Flickr

less is more - spoon

CC Image courtesy of Neal on Flickr

less is more - photo CC Image courtesy of greg westfall on Flickr

less is more photo
CC Image courtesy of Mark Nye on Flickr

15 Fall Pictures That Will Make You Fall in Love with Autumn

15 Fall Pictures That Will Make You Fall in Love with Autumn

Autumn is not the favorite season of those who love sun, summer and outdoor activities. As soon as you start feeling cold breeze you know that fall is in the air. However, you can and should enjoy it! Every season has its beauty – fall is not an exception. Artistic souls usually love the colors that autumn brings. Not convinced yet? Before locking yourself in your room until the next summer, check out these 15 fall pictures and we are sure you will fall in love with autumn.

fall pictures - orange leafs

fall pictures with orange leafs

ducks enjoying fall and leafs

lakes and yellow trees in fall

fall - time for pumpkin pie

golden autumn road

fall pictures - amazing landscape

fall pictures - forest and animals

fall pictures - squash

fall pictures - collecting leafs

fall animals - swan

fall pictures - forest and trees

apple harvest in fall

fall pictures - mushrooms

fall pictures - magnificent landscape

17 Killer Tips and Tricks on How To Take a Good Selfie

17 Killer Tips and Tricks on How To Take a Good Selfie

Selfies are amazingly popular nowadays. Just try to search for ‘selfie’ on Instagram and you will see over 122 million search results, while Google gives 296 million results. In 2013 Oxford Dictionary added the word ‘selfie’ to its database and announced it as the word of the year. In fact, taking selfies is not a new thing. The first selfie in the world dates back to 19th century when a photography pioneer Robert Cornelius took a photo of himself.

There are various opinions about taking selfies nowadays – some people love it some people hate it. Psychologists know too little about the effects of selfies and about the people who post them. Some mental health specialists say that males who take, edit and post more selfies that others are more likely to score higher on measures of psychopathy and narcissism. Other experts say that for most people selfies are the way they connect with others, and not necessarily a sign of narcissism, especially for females. Women tend to be more social than men, and thus, the link between mental issues and taking selfies in females is very small, if any. So, you can enjoy taking pictures of yourself without worries – everyone loves to take a nice selfie once in a while!

Want to learn to take nice self portraits? Usually it’s pretty tricky to take a nice picture of yourself and to hold a phone or a camera at the same time. We have suggestions for you on how to take a good selfie – read our 17 killer tips and tricks!

#1. Check your makeup and hair in the mirror before a selfie session

You don’t want to take few selfies just to discover that your mascara is all over your lower eyelid or that your hair looks too messy. So, check your makeup and hair in the mirror before taking a selfie. Here are some makeup tips to look good in any photo: use a bright lipstick, it will look flattering on your selfie. Avoid using sparkles and shimmer, opt for matte colors. When it comes to eyeshadows, avoid pastel colors. Use rich, deep  eyeshadows which will make your eyes pop! Go for brown or gold or use bright red for more creative look. Avoid applying eyeshadows below your eyes. If you typically use brown eyeliner and mascara, use black when taking a selfie. Photography experts tell that this trick helps to draw attention to your eyes and enhance them. Don’t forget to apply cream foundation and blush. It will add definition to your features.

how to take a good selfie - putting red lipstick

#2. Avoid bad lighting

Lighting is very important for taking a good photo. The right lighting can help your skin look flawless and your hair look shiny. So, you need to find the perfect lighting. Avoid too dark places, stand next to the window or go outside. Natural light is always the best. Make sure you are looking at the lighting and the light is shining on your face.

take good selfies in natural light

#3. Background matters – make sure it is not too distracting

The real challenge of how to take a good selfie is making sure you have a clean background. You don’t want to get a photo with your bed or dirty clothes visible on the picture. Another unwanted visible detail on your selfie is your hand reaching out to hold a camera or a phone. You can eliminate all these things. Here is a trick: instead of holding your camera close to your face (which will make your nose look bigger and longer), zoom it a little bit. Don’t zoom too much to avoid blurry photo. This way your close-up will be flawless and background not too distracting.

how to take a good selfie - close up

#4. Use the rule of thirds

All professional photographers know and use the rule of thirds. You should also apply this rule when taking selfies. How it works? It is very simple: the main principle of rule of thirds is to imagine breaking your image down into thirds vertically and horizontally (into 9 parts) and placing the object in the right or left part of the frame. This will make your photo look much better than if you placed your face in the center of the frame. Using iPhone? Use grid function in your iPhone settings to help you properly follow the rule of thirds.

rule of thirds - selfie

#5. Take as many shots as possible

You cannot expect to take a good selfie from the first time. Even the best professional photographers take hundreds of pictures and then choose the best. Take as many shots as possible, the more the better!

girl taking selfie

#6. Improvise and don’t be shy

Be confident when taking a selfie. When you feel hot, you look hot! Pose with confidence – nobody is watching you anyway. Smile, laugh, improvise, don’t be shy. Experiment with different expressions: try a closed-mouth smile or a wide smile, try looking up and down, and then to one side or the other. See what looks the best on you. Avoid such cliché poses as ‘duck face’ or ‘flexing your muscles’ – you want to look natural and unique. The best way to look natural in your selfie is to feel your own emotion. If you want to look happy in your selfie, try to remember something funny and take a picture of yourself while laughing. If you want to look cool, sad or serious, try to remember something sad. For a more artsy shot, don’t look into the camera when taking a selfie. Want to look slimmer in your photo? Pop up your arm! This trick will help you to create slim and defined limbs.

posing for selfie - confident look

#7. Find the right angle

Capturing the right angle is another important aspect of taking a killer selfie. Here are some helpful tricks: turn your head some degrees to the left or to the right to get a flattering shot. Hold your camera or phone a little bit higher that your head – this will make your eyes look bigger. Take a selfie from the better side of your face – the one that is more symmetrical and balanced.

how to take a good selfie - finding the right angle

#8. Opt for feet selfie

Why not to take a photo of your legs and feet instead of a face shot? Opt for feet selfie! It can look very creative, especially if you want to draw attention to your new shoes, fashionable foot bracelet or a colorful nail paint. Experiment with different ways of holding your camera or phone and you might be positively surprised by the creative results.

feet selfie - creative positions

#9. Or take a full body shot

Selfie is a photo taken by yourself of yourself. You can take a full body photo using a full-length mirror or a timer on your camera. Don’t use mirror unless you taking a full body shot! Full body selfie will look better if you angle your body to the right or left rather than shooting straight on. Capturing your body from your head to toes is a perfect way to show your flawless figure after weight loss or your new killer outfit. Moreover, your face will no longer be the main focus of the selfie.

taking a hot selfie

#10. Use fan for glamorous hair

Photographers use this trick and you can use it too! Grab a fan to create a light breeze effect and movement in your hair. Make sure to not keep it too close to your face, but slightly far away from you. This trick is great for you if you have recently changed your hair color or hair cut and want to draw attention to it.

glamorous hair look in selfie

#11. If you are using phone for taking selfies, use your back camera

Typically, phones have two cameras: one in the front and one in the back. Don’t use the front camera to avoid blurriness and low resolution. Back camera takes higher quality pictures, although it is more difficult to take pictures this way. Just use timer on your phone to make it easier.

using back camera for better selfies

#12. Don’t be alone in the picture

You don’t need to be alone in your selfie – grab your cat, dog, friend, sister or brother to be in a photo. The more people in the photo, the more shares you will get. Moreover, such photo will look more fun and lively. You can make silly faces or use cool accessories for a creative look.

take selfie with your best friend

#13. Search for inspiration from celebrities

Getting inspiration from celebrities can help you to take better selfies. Find your selfie idol and learn from her how to pose in a selfie. Don’t copy celebrities, but steal some of their tricks and poses. Remember that you want to look unique and natural in a photo.

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Marilyn monroe photo

#14. Don’t use flash

Flash might seem necessary for taking pictures in darker place, however, it can wash out your features, create strong highlights and white out your face. Flashes can create red or white eyes. Avoid using flash for a flattering selfie. Believe it or not, but some professional photographers never use flash, even for indoor photo shoots.

avoid using flash for selfies

#15. Edit your picture after the photo session

So, you took plenty of selfies and have enough to choose from. Now it is time to edit your photo. Although there are talks against photo editing and ethical aspects, there is nothing bad about photo editing and enhancing your selfie. Photo manipulation is a usual and very old practice in photography – it has its roots in Ancient Egypt. The main fact that we sometimes forget is that when we take a photo we do not make a perfectly objective recording of reality. What photography makes is an interpretation of reality. Photography is an art, not a reality, as well as photo editing. Ready to become an artist for a moment and enhance your selfie? If you have photo editing software you can use them to remove flaws or blemishes from your image. You can also apply some cool photo effects to your selfie: vintage or sepia filters, cropping out some of your photo or creating a photo collage.

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Natural Beauty Look Photo Editing

#16. Take horizontal photos instead of vertical

Have you ever seen a vertically oriented computer or a TV? Many of us view digital imagery horizontally. Smart phones made vertical viewing more usual, but some people still prefer to view websites and images horizontally on a phone. You can always crop your horizontal photo in case you like the vertical view more.

taking a selfie horizontally

#17. Using iPhone for taking selfies?

We have tips for those who use iPhone to take selfies. Instead of using camera button on the screen of your phone, use your iPhone’s volume and headphone volume buttons. These buttons make taking selfies much easier. Another useful trick on how to make a good selfie using iPhone: use the ‘burst’ function to take a quick burst of few pictures at a time. Your phone will then help you to choose the best one! If you taking selfies outdoors in a sunny weather, use HDR mode. HDR is a High Dynamic Range that helps to take better-looking pictures outdoors and in the high-contrast situations.

how to take a good selfie with iPhone

Grab your camera or phone, go outside, remember something funny and take few photos of yourself laughing! You look the best when you feel good, when you are happy and confident.

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Now when you know what to do to take a good selfie, you also may want to know what not to do.

Avoid these common selfie mistakes:

  • Always choose the right time and place for taking selfies. Avoid photographing yourself in funerals, accidents or historically tragic places. Some museums don’t allow taking pictures in their facilities – make sure you are not violating the rules.
  • Avoid taking selfies in dangerous places and circumstances. While a photo with a lion or other wild animal might look breathtaking, it is not the best idea to risk your life for a selfie.
  • If you taking traveling selfies, don’t spend your entire time photographing yourself. Without a doubt, you will have plenty of photos to choose from, but this can ruin your travel experience and irritate those who are traveling with you. You don’t need to take selfies everywhere you go.
  • Don’t take selfies in too crowded places to avoid blocking the views of other people.

Do you know more tips and tricks on how to take a good selfie? Share them with us!

Top 10 Cat Pictures Proving that Cats Can Pose Like Models

Top 10 Cat Pictures Proving that Cats Can Pose Like Models

Many people love cats and kittens. Not without a reason. Those who hate them are missing out a lot about these lovely and mysterious creatures. They are not only cute and soft, but also smart, independent, unpredictable and simply adorable. Cats lift our moods, help us to relax and make us laugh. They truly deserve to be on the fashion magazine covers. They pose like models and they know they look awesome!

We have collected pictures of cats and girls posing in similar positions. Who poses better? Who looks more natural?

cat pictures vs girl pictures

Floral crown on a cat

Cat pictures at winter

lion sleeping vs girl sleeping sepia photo
kitten pictures vs baby pictures

cat pictures in rainy season

tiger on the tree

cat and tulips

cat near the window
cat and girl with blue eyes

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