Men vs. Women: Top Unrealistic Expectations We Have Of Each Other

There are a lot of unrealistic expectations men and women have of each other. Some of them reach the level of absurd. Truth is, we are all humans and we should learn to accept our differences as appropriate and natural. What would happen if people stopped expecting unrealistic things and admit that ideal men and women do not exist? Their relationships would become less destructive and they would bring them to the next level! Here are top unrealistic expectations men and women have of each other.

Top Unrealistic Expectations Women Have of Men

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#1 Never Ending Romance

Most of women want their significant other to be always romantic: bring them flowers, create songs for them or serenade them. However, never ending romance exists only in a fantasy world. In real life, you should pay more attention to other expressions of love. Does he take care of you when you are sick? Is he always there for you when you need him? True love is what’s done when you don’t see. Need just a little romance from your man? You can get it. Many men don’t have a good imagination – make yourself clear to your significant other. Give him hints every once in a while. For example, if you are watching a movie or some TV show together where a man brings a woman flowers, you could tell: ‘I would one day love to get flowers from a man just because’, and tenderly hug him. If hints don’t work, don’t push him.

#2 Match Your Perception of Prince Charming

Prince Charming exists only in Disney world. Nonetheless, the majority of ladies have a long list of expectations when it comes to choosing a man. Subconsciously they believe that they will meet Prince Charming one day. Women are looking for all-in-one: financial and emotional stability, loyalty, good looks, sense of humor, nice manners and more. However, perfect men do not exist; and even if they existed – are you sure that you set strict expectations for yourself as well? Searching for an ideal man is a waste of time.

#3 Be in Charge of Everything, Even Your Mind

Ladies, let’s admit it: we all secretly want our guys to always tell us what we want to hear, read our minds  and be in charge of everything. This expectation is completely unrealistic and unattainable. Don’t compare your significant other to a fictional character from a romantic movie. Your man will never read your mind – just be direct with him and let him know what you want and think.

Top Unrealistic Expectations Men Have of Women
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#1 Hot Looks Without Any Time and Effort

Girls can’t look hot without taking time to get ready. Our effortless, sexy and ‘a little messy’ look requires hours of preparation. So, guys, don’t get mad on us when we take time to get ready. Another unrealistic expectation about our looks is wishing us to be fit but soft at the same time, with curves in the right places but not fat. Most girls can’t look fit and curvy at the same time. Your expectation is real for around 1-2% of female population. Appreciate our efforts, our bodies and our looks and we will love you even more.

#2 Unconditional Commitment

Many men these days believe that women should be unconditionally committed to them, even if they are still dating other girls. In real world, that is very unlikely to happen. Unconditional love and commitment doesn’t exist. If you are still playing and hooking up girls, you can’t expect us to sit at home and wait for your call. We will date other men unless we become official. If you expect a woman to be committed to you, show her the same level of commitment in return.

#3 Be Independent and Dependent at the Same Time

Men want their women to need them. They don’t like women who are completely dependent on them, but at the same time men feel intimidated by independent women. If we call you or text you too often, we are annoying; but if we don’t call – we are too independent. Work together with your lady on finding the perfect balance of dependency and independency.